Saturday, 22 March 2014

Fun Day Friday

 Miss Komen was teaching in Room 5 on Friday. She made ice cream with the students because they had been learning the name and sounds for the letter i during the week for phonics.

The children were very excited and intrigued as to how these ingredients.....

when mixed together in a plastic bag and then put inside a bag of ice,could turn into ice cream. 

AMAZING! WOW! How did that happen? These were some of the student's responses.

Parents perhaps you could investigate this with your child and put your findings as a comment on the blog for us to discuss.

The children got to eat their ice cream with some jelly made by our senior master chef students.
Thanks Aimee for sharing the jelly with us.

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  1. Hi room 5
    Wow you made ice cream that must of been fun to make.How long did it take to make the ice cream because it sounds yum? What sort of flavour was it guys?

    From Shialla room 9