Monday, 24 March 2014

Message From Germany ( Nachricht aus Deutschland )


 Yesterday we got an e mail from Molly's grandmother who lives in Germany, and has been following our blog.
Gestern bekamen wir eine E-Mail von Molly Großmutter, die in Deutschland lebt, und ist nach unserem Blog.

We couldn't read it,so we went online to convert the message from German into English.
 Wir konnten nicht lesen, also gingen wir online, um die Nachricht vom Deutschen ins Englische zu konvertieren.

This is what it said.
Dies ist, was sie sagte.

Es ist besonders schön Molly Meek und ihre Mitschüler im Unterricht beobachten zudürfen .Danke dem Lehrerpersonal dafür. Grüße von Mollys Oma aus Deutschland.

It is particularly nice observing Molly Meek and her classmates in the classroom.
Many thanks to the teachers for making this possible.
Greetings from Molly's Nana in Germany.


  1. Hi Molly and the rest of room 5
    i think that it is so awesome that molly's Oma in germany is able to see what she is up to. as i am so sure that her Oma miss's her lots.
    I also showed Bella in our atlas book where Germany is and Bella said that it looks so far away. i told her that it was and that it takes a long time to get there and that you have to go by plan.

  2. Molly your Grandmother will love that message- Sonja and Kahn