Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Today we went to watch what we thought might be the traditional tale of Rupunzel. We were very much mistaken.

Parents ask your children to tell you about The NZ Playhouse's take on the fairy tale.

We loved Rap-Punzel. Look how engaged we were as an audience.

We even got to meet the characters.

Thanks NZ Playhouse for an afternoon full of laughter.


  1. Hi Room 5, it was great to hear from Jordyn all about Rap-Unzel today. I hope you all enjoyed the cow as much as she did.

  2. Kalib "I liked rapunzel show even when you took a photo with the actors behind you's"

  3. bella loved rapunzel. She was so excited atfer school when she was telling me all about it

  4. bella was so excited after school when she telling me all about rapunzel. She said it was really funny