Thursday, 6 March 2014

Technology in writing

 Room 5 have been using a variety of tools to do their story writing each day.  A favourite is the I pad using an app called Story Creator. The students take their own photo and write a caption to match.
The students also like using the interactive board.

Here are some of our authors at work.

I pads

Here is my box for my sunhat.-By Orla

Here is my box for
my reading folder.-By Bella

Interactive board

Today I am going to ride my bike to
 school with Dad.-By Molly


  1. Well done room 5, you are great little authors and we love to read about what you are doing on the blog. Kakite ano, Paul and Daniela

  2. Tika tau! We think we are great writes too!

  3. Hello Room5
    It is Malachi from Room11 I just looked at your post I cant believe at you age you are playing on ipads.

    From Malachi

    Here is a link to my blog

  4. Thanks Melachi. We certainly didn't have them in the class when you started in Room 5,did we?