Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A morepork visits the classroom

Molly found a morepork lying in the gutter on her way to school. Molly knew the morepork was dead but she thought we would like to see it,as we had learnt earlier in the term that moreporks prey on wetas.

During oral language we discussed..............

Room 5 thought Skylah, Orla and Lily's first idea could have happened,because the morepork was not squashed or bleeding.

We asked Molly what happened.She told us that her dad thought the morepork got hit by a car while it was preying on a mouse. 

Look at those sharp claws. We now think the morepork swooped down to pick up the mouse with it's sharp claws,but was too slow getting away from the car.

What a great group of thinkers in Room 5.


  1. Wow Molly, I bet the children in Room 5 really enjoyed seeing the morepork. It sounds like you had a great discussion about what might of happened to the Morepork.

  2. Hallo,Mrs.Drake, es ist immer wieder schön die vielen interessanten Bilder zusehen. Besonders verfolge ich als Mollys Oma "Diese" Vielen Dank Gudrun Grünwald

  3. Molly's Oma said.....Hello Mrs. Drake, it is always lovely to see all those interesting pictures. As Molly"s Nana, I am especially interested. Many thanks,
    Gudrun Gruenwald

  4. Good stuff Molly for taking the morepork into class, a perfect way to study this native bird up close. Many people will never have a chance to experience this, well done!