Thursday, 22 May 2014

Book characters

Last Friday the children finished Book Week by dressing up as their favourite book character .

Can you guess which characters they are?

A very big thank you to all the parents who got into the spirit of book week. The children had been buzzing all week with excitement. Room 5 are so lucky to have such supportive parents.


  1. Hi room 5 i like all your awesome costumes
    hope you had a cool day on book character day .
    incy wincy spider look awesome same with fancy nacy
    and little miss muffit and all the others too!

  2. I like your dress Emily from Molly

  3. I like your face Jordyn from Molly

  4. I like Batman the best, that is why I dressed up as him!
    There was even a picture of me in the paper all dressed up.
    By Oli

  5. lily i liked that you dressed as tinkerbell. from bella

  6. I liked your dress Bella, because it was pretty.
    From Emily.

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