Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cross Country

Yesterday the children from Room 5 experienced their first cross country.

They watched anxiously,waiting for their event to be called.

Their time had come.....

"Line up 5 year old boys"

"Line up 5 year old girls."


Well done Room 5. 

I was so pleased to see you all participating in the cross country. Congratulations to everyone who crossed the finishing line. You are all STARS!


  1. Cross country was so much fun and it was good that is was such a sunny day. from Orla.

  2. We are good runners we are fast good job room 5.

  3. Well down room5 you did really well in cross country I'm proud of you.RY.

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  5. i thought that room 5 done really well at cross country. from bella