Friday, 1 August 2014

A Busy day for our new learners.

This week 3 new learners joined Room 5. Welcome to school P.J, Aden and Milan O.

Today we shared a story called Hairy Bear by Joy Cowley.

Here are our new learners working cooperatively with their new friends to create a collage of the character, Hairy Bear.
P.J and Lily

Molly and Milan O

Aden and Kyah

The finished product.

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  1. Wow Room 5! What fantastic bears you have made today. When I was on duty at lunchtime I popped into your classroom and I thought the big kids must of been borrowing your class today because they were so fantastic! Keep up the great work! Welcome to school P.J, Aden and Milan, I hope you have enjoyed your first week at school.