Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Today we had some scientists visit our school from 'Science in a Van'.

They taught us that if we take two things and mix it together we make a mixture. 

Mixtures can separate like when you mix water and oil together or, they can react like when you mix baking soda and vinegar.

Room 5 got very excited when they saw bubble mixture in action.

When we got back to our classroom we explored more bubbles. ( Parents, I apologise now for the hounding you may receive from the children wanting to make the bubble blower in the photos that follow.)

We all agreed science was exciting.Today was a great day!


  1. Room 5 I can see you have been doing lots of fun learning! I love looking at your blog and seeing what you are doing in the classroom.

  2. Some bubbles went pop, some bubbles didn't go pop, lots of bubbles popped, lots of bubbles didn't pop
    By Oli

  3. The bubbles were long .He made very very big bubbles.I saw bubbles going up to the roof. He had a horn that mad little bubbles they made bubble mixture. They were for different bubbles. By Lily.