Saturday, 15 November 2014

Fun Day Friday

Look what Room 5 got up to on Friday during choosing time.

Aden and Arliah mixed shaving cream and sand to make muddy paddocks for their farm.

Noah and Dylan showed great perseverance in making a marble run.

Leon tried his hand at flicking marbles into a garage.

Blake and Milan got creative with the play dough.

Madison loves to draw.

Room 5 love being creative on Friday.


  1. Wow Room 5 it looks like you are having such a great time. I love how creative you are!

  2. my goodness Room 5 are very busy little bees.....keep up the good work
    from Sue Johnson

  3. Kia ora Mrs Drake
    That looks like so much fun. I hope everybody enjoyed fun day Friday and Swimming. I wish in syndicate 1 for fun day Friday.
    From Zoe

  4. Hi ROOM 5
    Man fun day Friday looks amazing can I come to fun day Friday?
    (Just kidding)

  5. Wow
    your class has a great amount of creativity
    What happened when choosing time was over?
    I am guessing there was a mess?
    Hope you are having a great time

  6. Hi room 5
    It looks like room 5 like it on Friday!
    I like how you put in a photo for all the children.
    Next time you could put in some more description

  7. Hi Room 5, Fun-day Friday looks really fun! I wish I could do it too.
    You guys look so creative when you were making farms, marble runs, things out of play-dough and when you were drawing.
    Do you have Fun-day Friday every Friday?
    From Alex in Rm 11