Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Be a scientist.

Today Room 5 put some white roses into jars of food colouring.

Look carefully at the stems of the roses and the jars of dye. Make a prediction of what might happen.

This is what was observed during the afternoon.

What will the roses look like tomorrow morning when you come to school? Make a prediction and post your thoughts.


  1. Jesse very excitedly told us all about changing the colour of flowers at the dinner table this evening 🌺🌹🌻

  2. Jesse says blue and red and yellow and also green

  3. We will just have to wait till tomorrow Jesse to see if your prediction is right. I wonder if other flowers would change colour too? We could try white daisies or carnations.would it work if we used milk and food colouring instead of water?

  4. I'm pleased you enjoyed our experiment today Jesse. It was exciting seeing the colour in the veins of the petals.

  5. Great experiment, little scientists!