Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wow Lewie!

This morning before school Mrs Drake heard Lewie spelling the word look,so she got him to write it on the activeboard.
He was able to turn look into new words. Look how pleased he was with himself.

Lewie got so excited with his success that he wanted to write a story using the word looking.Look what he did without any help.

I am looking at Mum.
There was no stopping Lewie.He just wanted to keep writing and this was all before school.

I am looking at Dad.

Lewie, you made Mrs Drake and Mum so happy.What an excellent start to the day.Thank you. 


  1. Way to go Loiu - I am looking forwarding to having a look in your writing book

  2. This was so lovely to see. He was so excited and proud to have written it all by himself. He does this frequently at home as well.