Sunday, 3 May 2015


Room 5 did themselves proud presenting for the very first time at assembly.Our theme was ANZAC.

The children recited a poem called Five Little Soldiers.

Then Lewie read out the story he wrote in class.
' A long time ago the soldiers went to war far away. The soldiers died in the war.'

After that the children shared their paintings of Flanders Field.


  1. What beautiful, vibrant pictures Room 5. You brightened up my day on Friday.
    Mandy (Bessie's Mum)

  2. What gorgeous big grins you all have and what a great presentation you did on Friday at assembly - I loved the pictures and you all spoke just beautifully, well done.

  3. What beautiful pictures you made. I watched a video of the presentation at assembly and you all did very well. I really liked Lewie's story, you read it so well.