Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lilly's First Week at School

Today Nova, a year 8 student at our school and  Lilly's Tuakana, visited Lilly in   her new learning environment, Room 5.

Here is a video created by Nova and her friend Bethany.


  1. Welcome to Grey Main Lilly! Gosh you were lucky to have such fabulous girls visiting you in Room 5 during your first week at school. Room 15 look forward to seeing you around the school.
    What a great video Bethany and Nova!

  2. Lewie, nice picture
    But I thought after sending you the shark book you might of found a shark picture for you Ocean.

  3. Wow Lilly - you look like you are really enjoying school! Keep up the great learning! Do come and visit preschool sometime because your friends and teachers would love to see you and have your share what school is like for you. Lynette