Sunday, 18 October 2015

Book Character Assembly

Congratulations parents on producing such wonderful costumes of favorite book characters. The children presented themselves well at their very first Book Character Assembly to kick of Book Week.

Let me introduce you to......

Declan, Captain Hook
Xavier, Spiderman

Sam S, Workman
Ashlee, Cinderella

Lilly, Ninja Turtle
Sammi, Elsa from Frozen

Ivy, the singer
Willa, Lettice

Oliver, Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island
Kobe, the Pirate

Lewie, the Hulk
Bessie, Aliza

Tudor, the Man with the Yellow Hat
Indie, Alice in Wonderland

Ida, Nurse Nancy
Shyla, Cinderella

Sam E, Danny the Champion of the World
Jesse, Peter Pan


  1. You all did so well with your costumes! You all look like your having fun. Has been a long time since Willa and I checked out the blog, and there's so much to catch up on. You've all been working hard but having a good time as well. Great first year at school.😉

  2. there are some pretty cool not calling any names out how did you guys and gals get thes costumes to be so good