Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Oh my goodness what has happened to Room 5!

Room 5 share what they discovered on their arrival at school.

Willa wrote....
Today is Wacky Wednesday. There are heaps of wacky things.
I saw the scissors in the glue pot, the book was upside down, the dogs were playing snakes and ladders and the teddy bears were writing stories.
How wacky!

Indie wrote......
On Wednesday Mrs Drake put the scissors in the glue pot. She also put Lewie and my bears upside down and she even put footprints on the floor.The teddies were writing stories and the dogs were playing snakes and ladders. How wacky!

Shyla wrote.......
On Wacky Wednesday we saw some stuff that was wacky. I saw the scissors in the glue pot and the upside down book. It was silly.


  1. hi room 5 what a strange room. I have never seen animals playing games.What silly things the anImals are doing.Why are the bears writing? Why did Mrs Drake put it there? Why couldn't some body else put it there? from Molly Rm6

  2. Willa said she liked wacky Wednesday and was showing me the scissors in the glue pot!

  3. what a wacky day you guys had I have never seen anything like it I not seen teddy baers doing writing and scisisors in the glue pot