Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Art Soiree

Room 5 have been working on their art works over the past few weeks and they are finally finished ready for the Art Soiree. They look fantastic!

Please come along this Friday and bid on your child's piece of work.


  1. Morena Room 5. It's Reagan from Mamaku 2. Miharo! (Amazing in Te Reo Maori)! The artworks look awesome! I really like the patterns in them. Did you have a lot of fun doing the art? From Reagan

  2. Kia Ora Room 5
    It's Jessie from Mamaku Hub!
    Great Job room 5 I like the use of colors and shapes it is very creative and colorful! You could improve on the information on the post but other than that great!
    What had inspired this artwork?
    Heoi ano taku mo naianei (that's all from me for now)
    From Jessie

  3. Kia Ora Room 5 It's Ruby from Mamaku 2 I love the Art I really like the bright colors in it! How long did it take you to do your art work?
    From Ruby

  4. Kia Ora Room 5. It's Kaleb from M3. Tino pai tua mahi. (Good Work) Your art looks so miharo. (Amazing) They are really colorful. There amazing. Did you enjoy doing this art?
    From Kaleb

  5. Kia ora room 5 It Summer here from Mamaku 2 Miharo (Amazing ). That is some amazing work I really like it . It look like you had put a lot of effect and I really like the pattendes . I really like of the colors . From Summer

  6. Hello Room 5
    That is master piece of art i really like your colors Ka Pai


  7. Kia Ora, it's Alex from Mamaku 2.
    The colors you have used are great and they look really good. Your work is Ka mau te wehi (awesome). The next good part is the 3 circles in the piece of art. How long did this take you?

  8. kia ora (hello) Its Josh here. Room 5 your art is so mihora (amazing) I like that you did bright colors. I really like the patterns that you used. What did you use to draw this?

  9. Kia Ora Room 5 I am Leah from Mamaku 2. I really like the art work that you have done. It looks amazing. I really like the circles and also the colors you have used From Leah

  10. Hi room 5
    I like the art that you did and they look so good and all of them look so good good job room 5.

    From Felix

  11. Good day Room 5
    I love the art you have done. Great work Mana Soul and Miro! Keep up the good work Room 5.
    From Will!

  12. Kia ora Room 5 your art looks amazing that you did for the art Soiree. Good job room 5.

    From Jessica

  13. Hola Rata 1.
    Charlotte from your school

    I like the Blog Post of all of there art that they have been done.
    I would just want to buy one from the art Soiree

    Well done to Rata 1 I bet your Parents and friends are proud of you.

    I think you guys would deserve a day off school don't you think?

    This reminds me of when I was little and I done my first art work in Room 16.

    Did you do art when you were at school Mrs Drake?
    By Charlotte